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NAME: (Mun Name): Reb, Rebby, Rebecca, Becky, any variation thereof.
PERSONAL JOURNAL: LJ was sephiroth_lost but I don't have a personal LJ anymore.
CONTACT: e-mail - (I really need to get a Plurk I think.)

FANDOM: final Fantasy 7 (original)
BACKGROUND: Born in Nibelheim to one Professor Hojo and one Lucrecia, Sephiroth was given mako injections and Jenova cells from within the womb, he was moved to Shin-ra Headquarters not long after, never to know who his parents truly were. He was informed his Mother was Jenova and that she had died during childbirth.

He was taught to kill as a child, praised and rewarded when signs of violence showed, punished when signs of weakness or a desire to love or be loved showed.

Throughout his life he was constantly informed that one day he would be in SOLDIER, and would rise to the top. He would learn to be the strongest and the best, for he was no mere boy, but "special". Sometimes he wished he wasn't, most of the time he accepted this as his right, his reward for putting up with the daily tortures of life. As he grew up he did indeed join SOLDIER rising to the ranks of General quickly, winning the war for Shin-ra in Wutai.

I do have more of a backstory for him, but it is not Crisis Core and Before Crisis compatible so this is now still very much a work in progress as I try to make the contradictions forced into the games make sense to him without sending him out of character. I am however very flexible with his backstory and can usually make it work provided I know what the other players are wanting for backstory with Sephiroth at least to a reasonable extent. (I won't usually make him have had a love affair with someone without a very good reasoning behind it.)
AGE:looks around 20-23
APPEARANCE: for the Advent Children version. Sadly the pictures I can now find of the game shots are tiny and don't give any ideas.

[Hair]Waist length, silver, ends in a flame shape. Two bangs in front of his face, fortunately never get in front of his eyes (unless it rains... even super hair falls flat in water), stand upright framing the sides of his face.
[Eyes]Mako green
[Height] 6'1

PERSONALITY: Sephiroth is seen as heartless and aloof, and if anyone asked him this is how he would describe himself. Yet, there is much more than first meets the eye to this strange man forced to be a SOLDIER. He has few morals, indeed most would say he has none, as if something is required in order to complete a goal he will do it, even if it means destroying something he cared about. When not pursuing a goal he can be almost relaxed, although he never quite relaxes completely, preferring to be at least a little on guard just in case.

He refuses to trust any one person completely, placing all his trust in himself and Masamune, these being the two things, which have never let him down in his life.

He does have a sense of honour, he refuses to use guns, seeing them as the cowards way of winning, relying more on luck than skill. He will not attack the unarmed unless there is a good reason for it. He will protect the innocence unless the situation calls for otherwise, although this last does not really affect very much as a rule, as he sees innocence as something that is easily lost and can never be regained. What does he call innocence? An unawareness of the violence of men, a belief that there is nothing dark in this life… consequently he believes he lost his innocence from a very young age.

Although being quite at ease when leading a troop of men into battle, or training other Soldiers up to be fighters, he is uncomfortable around large groups in a social situation, preferring to stand alone in the corner, or against a wall, letting his features settle into one of complete uncaring, seeming almost like a pale marble statue. Those who are unfortunate enough to come too close for the Generals liking are rewarded with a glare from those icy eyes that appear as though they could see straight into your soul. Any closer and he will reveal himself to be very much alive with a voice that is low and soft. “Can I help you?” He usually finds this to do the trick, they will move away and leave him to his much wished for peace.

He can relax though and his favourite way of doing so is with Masamune, training his mind and muscles. When he is doing this it would not be considered wise to approach him, since although the monsters he fights against are in his mind, when he is in full training mode anything that moves too close will not be spared. Naturally, when training with a partner he does not give his all, but alone... alone is another story.

There are some who would say Sephiroth had no sense of humour, in reality they would be wrong. It is merely.. different to most peoples idea of humour, there are things he finds amusing, people standing up to him, provided they are not without respect he finds highly amusing, and will usually play along, although they would have to look close into his eyes to see the sparkle that reveals he is merely playing. Sephiroth prefers not to laugh, it reveals he can be human. In his words: “I would rather they feared me and lived... than liked me... and paid for it with their lives.” There are some warning signs consequently when he does laugh. His shoulders tremble physically, trying to restrain it, he will either turn away, or if he does give in, he will shake his head, lifting his hand up, in a gesture of submission, revealing he does indeed give up… although also, as a way of warning, it will stop shortly, in effect, ordering himself to stop.

Obeying wise Sephiroth does not enjoy doing so. He went from rank to rank swiftly, very deliberately, only to find out much to his disgust that even as a General he still has to obey orders. He Will obey, but only when he can find no other way of doing something, if he can find an alternative route that is just as effective, he is likely to do that instead.

Sephiroth has grown up with the idea that love and caring and friendship are weak, can be dangerous on the battlefield. This has not taught him that he can not have those things, but that he should allow no one to know about it. The one or two friends Sephiroth makes should be prepared that he will not be likely to show much of his more relaxed side outside of a one to one level. Love he refuses to admit to, even if he finds himself caring for someone, he is unlikely to say the words, finding other reasons for the way he feels, right down to full grown lust if need be.

Yet Sephiroth Does have a lighter side, he knows how to be gentle, when the occasion requires it, he has been seen although rarely, actually making jokes and responding in kind to people. His touch can be as firm and hard as Masamune’s or as light as a feather, he can be extremely persuasive on occasion, as his voice can seem to be almost hypnotic when he wants something badly enough.

He is not above or below using anything he can to get what he wants, if threats and violence do not work he will switch tactics, leaving his would be opponent in a state of complete confusion. Although all too soon he is back to the person most see him as. Cold, calcluating, uncaring.

ABILITIES: fire magic. Sephiroth is canonly shown to take no damage from a fire even hot enough to burn down an entire town. He is also seriously skilled with Masamune and the materia that are embedded within that if he is able to access the magics contained within them.

FIRST PERSON SAMPLE: Sephiroth playing the part of a teacher in an old LJ RP. I'm happy to write up a new sample if required though.

THIRD PERSON SAMPLE: [He presses the button firmly, a little too firmly, somewhat unaccustomed to such instruments but it reminds him a little of the PHS so at least he can use the basics of the device. His voice, comes through a soft baritone, but despite the quietness of the tone it is obvious he is expecting a response and an answer from whoever answers the 'call'.]

To any who can hear me, please answer this call. My name is Sephiroth. General Sephiroth. My location is unclear and I am needing answers as to what is going on. The last I recall...Hm...

[He sounds almost amused as he continues to speak, somewhat unbelieving even of himself.]

The last I recall I was heading on mission shortly, but it was certainly not to anywhere like this and my men have vanished...


Mar. 3rd, 2012 12:31 am
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so you've come across the HMD for this guy.

Think I've got him right? Think I've got him wrong? Let me know, give me your opinions and constructive criticisms and I'll see what I can do.


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